Only Sailboats!

SAILOVER is a fleet of sailing yachts accurately selected to offer a complete and high quality day sailing service. From our 1930’s long bau dayracer, to our classic national and international sailing yachts, to our modern and performing monotypes.


Seeking emotions? Sun and sea (and a dash of adrenaline)

SAILOVER has tailored its fastest boats to be comfortable and fit for everyone: ACTIVE SAILING is a unique and fascinating sailing experience along South Sardinia enchanting bays.

Boat Melges 24 (7,5 mt)

Melges 24, a 7.5-mt monotype, is one of the world-leading sailboats. It comfortably accommodates 5 guests besides the skipper. It has a large cockpit and the underdeck space stores equipment and baggage.


Sea and Leisure

SLOW SAILING is sailing leisurely on board a beautiful yacht charter for a relaxing day at sea. A peaceful trip to discover enthralling places.

Boat Cruise Sloop (10 mt)

SAILOVER SLOW sailing yachts are 10mt cruising boats with a pleasant design and sophisticated interiors. They comfortably accommodates 6/8 guests besides the skipper. Guests can use underdeck cabin and bathroom, as well as the ward-room if meals need to be served indoors.


Vintage lovers / quaintly at sea

For those seeking an old-timey ambiance: the warm light, the scent of the sea, the muffled sound of wood, and the breeze will perfectly combine with smooth sailing. A unique and authentic experience.

Boat Dragon (8,9 mt)

Designed in 1929, Dragon is one of the world’s most elegant and exclusive monotypes. This marvelous wooden day racer is a perfect blend of elegance, innovation, and speed. Its 8.7 meters accommodate 2 guests besides the skipper. Underdeck space is tiny, according to the design and technology of the 1930s; however, a small kitchen and a chemical toilet were installed for guests convenience.

SAILOVER is a rental service with exclusive boat and skipper, ranging from 3-hour to 30-hours excursions

SAILOVER is an ample catalogue of services divided into three formats: Exclusive, Bay Tour and Discovery

SAILOVER is a fleet with three boat classes: ACTIVE, SLOW, and VINTAGE

SAILOVER is a docking network along the coasts of Sardinia

SAILOVER is an accurate Food & Beverage service

SAILOVER is a dedicated customer service available before, during, and after your sailing experience


SAILOVER CREW is a team of highly skilled skippers who will accompany you in absolute safety to discover the coast and the world of sailing.