SAILOVER has selected the best products of the Sardinian tradition to enjoy a truly authentic experience.

All this has been possible thanks to the fortunate encounter with Sardinian flavors with which we share a deep passion for food, territory and traditions of Sardinia.


Sabores is the classic Italian shop; a cultural research project, animated by a passion for food, territory and traditions of Sardinia. This is the culmination of 80 years of journey in search of the best of small food and wine production.

Landmark in Cagliari, in the Marina district, is a crossroads of producers, local residents, Sardinian departing or returning. Tourists. A place to look at each other, buy good food, enjoy each other's company, exchanging stories. Special attention to the small craft productions that still stand; those that, in spite of the world is moving in another direction, stubbornly continue to tell the territory from which they come, and to the preservation of nature and traditions.
"The products change constantly, according to the landings of our trips in the island. Our continuous roam territories, mapping the island and its production puts us always in conjunction with other projects that share with us these passions and fine welcome. SAILOVER is the project to which, metaphorically, we feel closer. navigation is in fact what we make every day - even on earth, indeed, in the hinterland! - looking for what you now we propose on board. We shopkeepers - and at sea we do not know and we move more at ease among the Cheese - this metaphor did reflect that in the sea, unlike the earth, it is not possible to dig, sow, nor produce. The boats that ply the sea does not leave behind any trace. The sea has no character, in the original meaning of the term, which is derived from the greek charassein, dig, engrave, imprint. This is not a limitation but a virtue: the sea is free. In the navigation, if we have to "build", we are therefore not addressed exclusively to the experience of the sea, but we always carry with us a land.
We're excited to think that the extreme freedom of the sea coming out again as well, thanks to SAILOVER, an island - Sardinia - and its products.

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The wines of Tenute Dettori

"Better to lose the grapes of a season that pollute the earth." This is the motto of the winemaker Alessandro Dettori, from Sennori, in the province of Sassari. At the head of the family since 1998, it has always supported production principles (biodynamic) that led him to give up shortcuts. His wines are natural, no synthetic chemical products, either in the vineyard or in the cellar. One product used sulfur on plants, in small quantities. 22 hectares of old vines, only 45,000 bottles produced, Alessandro Dettori has become over the past decade a true guru for lovers of drinking well in Italy and abroad. Pioneer of natural wines in the mid-2000s he had to fight with a too slow critical to incorporate the goodness of his project - the first cultural and commercial - to find themselves among the 100 most important producers in Italy for the American Wine Spectator. Its wines are the ultimate expression of the territory from which they come: the Renosu Red, Cannonau, Monica and Pascale, fruity nose, spicy and voluminous, sweet mouth, mineral and spezziata, is the perfect accompaniment for cheeses and cold cuts. the Renosu White, Vermentino with a slight addition of Moscato, aromatic nose, fruity, and sweet entry, offset by the salty finish is rather the perfect wine for any aperitif, especially boat. The Tuderi, Cannonau in purity, is a distinctive red and aromatic, with notes of herbs and pink pepper, layered with creamy harmonies cranberry, licorice extract and tea leaves. Lively and inviting with concentrated herbal and fruity scents that envelop the chewy tannins. dynamic and long-lasting finish. Amazing wine. Dettori White Vermentino is a unique of its kind. From 55 years Vigne, is produced as all the other wines of Tenute Dettori, without the addition of selected yeasts. The candied fruit and grapefruit nose, cloudberries and pittosporo; in the mouth presents incense, mint and resin. Strength and Mediterranean passion, captivating wine.

The cheeses

No food is able to talk to the area from which it came as the cheese. Cheese is the purest essence of a place and its food traditions. In Sardinia this speech is even more true. Because we have an art dairy with its roots in the previous millennia. Pecorini The Sardinians are fully counted among the great cheeses of the world. Among these, in particular, two of the three cheeses with denomination of protected origin (D.O.P.): Pecorino Fiore Sardo D.O.P. and Pecorino Sardo D.O.P .. There are various reasons: the pastures and unspoiled nature, the sheep and their milk, the expert hand of the shepherds and cheese makers. Our research has led us to select between the various producers and the various production areas some excellence capable of telling a world that slowly seems destined to disappear. These are the producers who we like to call "the resistance manufacturers," noble repositories of art, a culture of the territory which is not found in any manual or bookish report. Alchemists, magicians, craftsmen, artists: humble people that from the heavy manual labor continue to produce pearls, preferring to maintain a very high standard rather than homologate to the logic of the market and to the production philosophy of maximum efficiency. This photographic work is an attempt to return a bit 'authenticity and the work of our friend Giovanni Podda Orgosolo quality. Away from the city but also far from the village, away from the noise, by time and serial productions. Perched on the steep slopes of the Supramonte of Orgosolo is the farm of the brothers who own Podda Giovanni runs with his brothers. People of few words. There is not much to say, in fact, when you find yourself in certain contexts. Replaced by a kind of ecstasy in front of nature: the smells of shrubs, silence scratched only by the wind, the color and the landscape that the eye does not reveal human traces are indicators of how special this habitat for the sheep and the their milk. Assist smoked, carried out in a small room behind the sheepfold through a brazier where they burn myrtle and mastic, is atavistic experience, able to bring the one who assists - choosing to burning eyes - at the heart of that relationship between man and nature from which we have strayed. A "false move" forward that endangers the culture to which we should instead cling. Here is: enjoy and appreciate these cheeses is truly cultural experience.

Cold cuts

Numerous overseas invasions have led the inhabitants of Sardinia to take refuge in the countryside, mainly to devote himself to the activity of sheep farming. Hence the preference for meat, mainly sheep and pigs, and their transformation into delicious sausages that are available, especially in the territory of the hinterland Nuoro, an ideal place to give rise to unique products, often breeding animals semi-wild state. The hams and sausages are in the genuineness of the traditional recipe their trump card: only compounds with the flesh of the pig and its fat, typically seasoned with salt and pepper, perhaps enriched with anise, are smoked and kept to mature. In Ogliastra, Villagrande, you can find the best hams prepared from meat as a certified Sardinian breed pig that lives in the wild, characterized by a rosy pulp and a vaguely and pleasantly spicy flavor. Another delicacy is the Mustela, the pork loin and tenderloin of wild boar and goat.

The Sea: the roe and eel

He could not miss on board the roe. The "caviar of Sardinia", Mullet eggs (Cephalus), still salted and dried in the same manner taught to us by the Phoenicians. tasty and nutritious food, in the past it was consumed by the sailors who carried it with them when browsing, today the roe has become one of the most sought excellence by gastroviaggiatori. With oil d 'olive and combined with any vegetables in season it is one of the Sardinian typical foods that can give ecstasy. Also smoked eel, has traveled the same path: from popular food to gourmet ingredient. Bread and butter is his best achievement.


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