A service customized to fulfill your dreams


Make new friends while discovering the most beautiful sardinian bays



A four stop journey to deepen your qualities as a sailor

Your Sailing Days

SAILOVER is an innovative sailboat-sharing meant for anyone who wants to sail blithely for an unforgettable day or just a few hours at sea.

SAILOVER is an exclusive skippered yacht charter along the coasts of Sardinia. Whether you are a skilled sailor or a complete newbie, a vacationer or a professional on the go, SAILOVER has been designed for you. You can book one of our sailboats anytime of the year and have anyone coming with you: just contact our customer service or simply click on our online booking form. Allow yourself the intense discovery of a unique world made of essential pleasures.

SAILOVER is your sailing day, whenever, wherever and however you want.

Excursions at sea generally last 3 to 7 hours. You’ll always be served a snack or a light lunch/dinner on board: upon booking, you can choose Standard, Sea or Veggie menu, all made of local high-quality products, and our selection of wines and drinks.

SAILOVER fleet has three boat classes: ACTIVE, SLOW, and VINTAGE. We have the right boat to suit your desires.

SAILOVER main docks are in Marina di Capitana, a strategic port from where the most enchanting bays along the coast can be easily reached. You may also board or disembark at Marina Piccola (Cagliari Poetto), Marina di Perd’e Sali (Pula-Nora), and Marina di Villasimius. Or you may request a tender service in the bay right in front of your house or hotel.

SAILOVER is the perfect solution for your sailing days!


Sailing boat excursions for anyone

Trips and rental from 3 to 30 hours


Passion, Dedication and Competences

SAILOVER is a small yet exclusive journey sailing along the southern coast of Sardinia, in the beauty of the Golfo degli Angeli. Set sail from one of our docks or have us pick you up directly from where you are staying and we will accompany you on a journey through wind and sea along with unique scents, sounds and unforgettable tastes.

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Only Sailboats!

SAILOVER is a fleet of sailing yachts accurately selected to offer a complete and high quality day sailing service. From our 1930's long bau dayracer, to our classic national and international sailing yachts, to our modern and performing monotypes.

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We have thought three formats to satisfy all of our guests needs!

Exclusive Sailing


An exclusive, one-of-a-kind, sailing boat excursion service customized to fulfill your dreams. Set sail alone, as a couple, with your family or with whom you wish! You will always be accompanied with love by Sailover Crew.

Bay Tour Sailing

Bay Tour

The proposal for those who wish to have a carefree experience while sharing with other guests. We have thought of this service to interact socially and make new friends while discovering the most beautiful bays of Golfo degli Angeli.

Bay Tour Sailing


Programma di 4 escursioni in barca a vela in esclusiva con skipper.

A four stop journey to deepen your qualities as a sailor and get to know better southern Sardinia.


SAILOVER is a docking network along south Sardinian coast, from Capo Spartivento to Capo Carbonara. You can board at our nautical bases in Marina Piccola or Marina di Capitana, or choose any of the other docks in Marina di Villasimius (Villasimius) or Marina di Perd’e Sali (Pula-Nora). SAILOVER can also arrange a tender service directly from Torre delle Stelle, Nora, Chia or from any bay in front of your house or hotel.


Resident Marina – Marina Piccola
Resident Marina – Marina di Capitana
Tender to – Marina di Villasimius
Tender to – Marina di Perd’e Sali
Tender to – Torre delle Stelle
Tender to – Chia

Food & Beverage

On our boats always you can have a snack or a light lunch selected among our Standard, Sea or Veggie proposals. All high-quality local products accompanied by a gorgeous wine and beverage selection from which you may choose the bottle you wish to find on board. A great way to taste local wines and delicatessens.

Ready to live an unforgettable sailing experience?