Passion, Dedication and Competences

SAILOVER is an innovative sailboat rental service meant for anyone who wants to sail blithely for an unforgettable day or just a few hours out at sea.

SAILOVER is an exclusive service operating actually along southern Sardinia coasts.

Sailing for everyone!

Whether you are a skilled sailor or a complete newbie, a vacationer or a professional on the go, SAILOVER has been designed for you.

Navigation will be usually done by sailing and you will always have the opportunity to actively take part in all operations on board, stops in the bays for a refreshing dip in the sea, snorkeling or to taste our local products.

Just Sailing!

Excursions at sea may last from 3 to 48 hours.

We mainly sail, and guests always have the opportunity, with the necessary assistance, to steer and actively participate in the maneuvers on board.

The services provide one or more stops in the bays, at the discretion of the guests and the skipper, for a refreshing dip, some snorkeling or to enjoy our selection of local products.


SAILOVER CREW is a team of highly skilled skippers who will accompany you in absolute safety to discover the coast and the world of sailing.

Ready to live an unforgettable sailing experience?